My True North | What we do
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What we do

The three principles
Three principles

We will introduce you to the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought that form the building blocks of all human experience.  They are what enables us to have an experience of life: to create our own personal realities and to become aware of what we have created. As you deepen your understanding, you will see your life and circumstances in a new way and will begin to live life with greater clarity, wisdom and resilience.


You will rediscover your true self, feelings of confidence, calm and contentment.  You will find this understanding helpful and transformative in all areas of your life, be it in relationships, parenting, work and more.

True North

What does finding your True North mean? It is the internal compass that guides you consistently through life. It is your orienting point – your fixed point in a spinning world – that helps you stay on track … that helps you access your wisdom.