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When I look at how my understanding of the 3 principles has touched my life, I look no further than my everyday experience.

It is funny how, when I scan back over the last 4 years, it is not as if I can say: “Hey, that was such a huge insight with such huge ramifications”. It’s more like: “Wow, I’m so much more in the flow of life now”. To me, it is as if I’m in life and not so much worrying, procrastinating or fretting about life. Sure, there are moments where this creeps back in but when I look at the overall picture of my life, I see a landscape that is rich with wonder and simplicity.

For me, that is a really big deal! Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you, “Stacey is a worrier”. From worrying about my birthday parties, exams , to pleasing my teachers (and the world!), to my children’s education and well being, I was sure to find something to worry about. It may sound like superficial worries to some, but for me they were a big deal, they were very real.

As I have come to understand, my seemingly real experience of anxiety is nothing more than a passing moment of thought. Had you told me this before when I had no idea of the true nature of thought, I would have taken you to be an uncaring, out of touch, unsympathetic person and, of course, without realising that these judgmental thoughts were also being created by the incredible gift of thought!

But now I have come to see that any feeling I am having, whether it is anxiety , sadness, insecurity, or anger is nothing more than the creation of thought made real by consciousness. Our own 4d plasma screen of life. How incredible!!

I have also learnt to love and laugh at myself. When I see that I am caught up in insecurity, anxiety and doubt, I can chuckle as I know that deep down that is not who I really am. For, on the other side of all of that, there is Truth. That that is just me in an insecure moment. It is temporary and it is transparent.
I feel the power of gratitude. I say power because, for me, the feeling that comes with gratitude is so powerful, so magical.

I have discovered, through this understanding, that when all those insecure little thoughts want to raise their heads and come up for breath, they depart very quickly when starved of the oxygen they need to live . I may feel the effect of my insecure thinking but there is no need to entertain or trust them. So they do leave and what I am left with is a feeling of even deeper gratitude for what I have right now. Not for what I had, or still may have, but just for what is right now in this present moment.

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