My True North | Spring cleaning: a mental detox
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Spring cleaning: a mental detox

Spring is on its way. As we begin to emerge from our winter cocoon, we face the prospect of getting “summer ready”. Our thoughts turn to how best to shed the excess winter weight and to rid our bodies of toxins too. It is not difficult to find a detox solution to achieve this. Programmes and packages are abundant – and growing – and now even the local coffee shop, greengrocers and supermarket sell uber healthy juices to help you on your voyage to good health. The choices of how to detox are many and varied too: juice only for three to five days ( or more), restrict food groups like sugar, carbs and dairy, restrict calorie intake …

Within days the benefits are felt. You feel lighter and look better too.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could detox our minds too? We springclean our homes, sort out our wardrobes, cleanse our bodies, but how do we rid our minds of unwanted, stale and unhelpful thoughts? Thoughts that, like saturated fats, do nothing more than clog our brains and wear us down. A thought detox? It does not seem quite so easy. Imagine if we could decide that on Mondays we would banish stressful thinking from our thought menu. And on Thursdays its goodbye to anxiety and insecurity. Like the popular 5:2 diet. I will restrict my thinking on two days and think what I like on the others. Or like the equally well known no-carbs diet: I will henceforth banish all negative thoughts from my repertoire.

Not only is this not achievable, it is not possible. And the pressure to think only positive and uplifting thoughts, and the resultant let down when it is not achieved leads to disappointment and a sense of “what’s wrong with me?”

Whilst we can decide what we pop into our mouths, we don’t actually have the same control over what pops into our heads. Some thoughts seem to come out of the blue, leaving you thinking “now where did THAT come from?”. Yet, whilst we cannot always choose what thought pops into our heads, we most certainly can control what we are going to do with it. It is not that dissimilar to the chocolate eclaire that is placed in front of you: you really do get to decide whether you will have a small nibble, the whole lot, actually-make -that-two-since-I’ve-already -fallen-off -the- wagon or not today thanks it’s just not good for me …

So it is with thought too. Once it has popped into our minds , once it is placed in front of us, we do get to decide what we are going to do with it: will we invest in it for a few seconds, a minute, an hour, a week , a month – and in many cases a lifetime! – or we will we let it go, knowing that it is just not good for us.

BUT HOW???? Ah! You would think that it was not quite as easy as pushing vegetables through a juicer or purchasing the detox package on-line (they DO deliver after all !). But it really is.

It is to be found in the understanding of the true nature of thought. By understanding three simple, fundamental and universal principles at play behind our psychological functioning ( 1. We were born with the capacity to think – and with infinite capacity for new thought at that! 2. we are the thinkers of our own thoughts and 3. we experience what we think to be true from moment to moment ) we develop a different relationship to our thinking. And when we develop this different relationship to our thoughts, realising that they are just thought, then we are more inclined to let them go. ….

Deepening my understanding of these principles has changed my life. The mental lightness I feel, the constant mental cleanse, has taken a weight off my mind.

When we are free from constant worry, anxiety, stress, insecurity, we can direct our unlimited potential in other directions.

I know that an understanding of the Principles will free you in the same way that it has freed me.

  • Tanya

    March 31, 2015 at 5:38 am Reply

    A sense of freedom in our mind, body and soul will take us all to a much more comfortable space – look forward to discovering more…..

  • Judith Dubin

    June 4, 2015 at 6:58 pm Reply

    So how long — and what does it take – to achieve this mental lightness of being?

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