My True North | Reflections from a walk in spring…
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Reflections from a walk in spring…

We are well into spring but along my walk today I saw trees that were still just starting to get new buds (picture 1). Then there were those that were in the full swing of spring, blossoms and all (picture 2) and then there were trees that were at the end of their blossoming (picture 3), with just a hint left of what once was a beautiful magnolia tree.

As I walked I could not help but see  the parallel in nature and us.  We too have an innate capacity to start fresh, to have new buds of thought.  However, these new thoughts can also become old and fall away. We really dont need to hold onto our thinking. Imagine that tree trying to hold onto the blossoms. You can almost laugh at the thought of how absurd that would be.  Its natural for them to fall away and be replaced by something different,  something new.  That is what is so exciting for all of us to know.  When we see that the only limitations we find ourselves in , is a misunderstanding of  thought,

It really is that simple. We are no different to what we see in nature. We are resilient, we have an inbuilt capacity for insight. And as Syd Banks said we are only ever “one thought away” from a new experience.


photo 1photo 2 photo 3






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